Info for the traders

TradeMirror is a place where investors can subscribe to the trading strategies of the listed traders for a monthly fee + a management fee. These are calculated as a % and are deducted from the profit for the previous period.

If you're a profitable trader we would be glad to see you among TradeMirror traders. To get listed, you need to prove your trading skills. Send us your account's read-only API keys to show us your positive performance.

If we find it satisfying, you will be immediately listed in Traders' Rating and your subscription offer will be available to all TradeMirror users.

We share subscription fee 50/50 and send it in BTC every month.
Also we retain 5% of Success Fee for the traders with 0-30% commission and 10% of Success Fee for the traders with 30-50% commission.

Stealth mode is available in case you don't want to be listed in our Rating.

Telegram: @impeq
Email: [email protected]