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What’s Trade Mirror For?

Those traders that are successful on BitMex, share their recommendations through their own channels on Telegram or Discord.

It can be troublesome:
— the community doesn’t even know about some of the coolest traders;
— tracking the trading signals, that can arrive at any time during the day, can get very tiring.

Trade Mirror allows you not only to subscribe to the signals of either of the traders, but also to automatically duplicate their orders, proportionally to the balance of your BitMEX account.

We keep the statistics of each of the traders so the subscribers can make a decision based on objective data.


We know how BitMEX works and make sure the orders are created the right way regardless of any technical issues and delays on the exchange.


To connect your BitMEX account to Trade Mirror through an API no withdrawal permission is required

Best traders

We have invited the best traders not in terms of the amount of subscribers they have got in their channels, but in terms of the profit they make.

Questions and answers

Is it safe to link BitMEX account with you?

Of corse it is. We don't require Withdrawal permission from your API keys.

Can I trade by myself at the same time my account is linked to another trader.

Unfortunately you can't. It will mess the things up. Just make a new account for Trade Mirror and that will go.

What if I no longer want my BitMEX account mirroring another traders' deals?

There is Unsubscribe button in you profile. Just press it, it will take effect immediately. Learn More